Celestial Great Danes

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Retired No future puppies 

 Vander Hams Twilight

 She is OFA vertified for both hips and elbows. 

She has clean AKC champion lines. 

She has produced many beautiful, healthy, and sweet puppies.

Current pictures of Twilight just click on the link  on the top left side of this page:="Must See Pictures/Gallery" link or to see current videos of her go to my facebook page Celestial Great Danes under places in L.E.

Twilight's AKC paperwork is below. The Champion listed on top in her second generation, will show up on your AKC paperwork too. 

VANDER HAMS TWILIGHT  My husband and I  searched for a while to find Twilight.  We wanted to try the Euro line with our new dam.  I wanted good AKC Champions on the the paperwork and clean lines. Off course, she had to be perfectly marked  with black around both eyes too.  After a long search we found the perfect Dane our Twilight.  She was named by my daughter Brittany. Her name also fit into the whole celestial theme and fit her eye color too. Twilight has the thicker Euro build with a short nose but wider head raised eyes and body  much different than the American Dane line.  She does have the Euro build and always looks huge. We kept her puppy Eclipse and plan to continue to raise this amazing line. Twilight is an excellent mom.  She has always raised sweet, gentle, and loving puppies.  

People are always so surprised when they look into her eyes to find one very blue and one brown eye. One eye almost seem clear from the side view.  She is one in a million with her sweet temperament.  A She is a lot heavier and thicker than the normal thinner american Dane.

Family Christmas 2013 with Twilight


Twilight about eight months old below.




She has always been so very gentle and loving even with angry little dogs She would not hurt a fly.

Below are the official papers from OFA for Twilight's hip and elbow testing.

These are the OFA papers for the dams elbows the one below is for her hips




























WE normally have the same colors HARLEQUINS, MANTLES, MERLES, AND BLACK PUPPIES. This one litter of breeding in 2011... WOW Twilight had a rare litter of fawnequins, merlequins, fawns, one merle, one white, and one harlequin(Eclipse).  I never saw such a sight in over ten years of breeding. I loved them all.  I am still pinching myself because I now have a beautiful new colors in the line.  I enjoyed spend my days taking pictures and videos of this cute little puppies! I have the videos of this litter skateboarding on YouTube.com.  I hope you check it out because it is sure to make you smile! Eclipse is Twilights puppy from this line and from this rare litter. She has taken over the breeding line and continues to produce amazing Great Dane puppies.  I also kept Eclipse puppy, Lightning from her litter in 2015. She is the third generation from Twilight. She will take over the lines one day and produce the fourth generation from Twilight.

 To see more of Twilight make sure to see her albums. Some albums are filled with her past puppies :) so you can see the history and what to except for future litters. You can also watch videos of her on my Facebook page.  Four years ago I was blessed  to keep one of her puppies, Eclipse.  She is an amazing  Great Dane also.  She is bigger, taller, and heavier than her mom.   Eclipse last weigh in was 175 pounds right after her first litter of puppies at three years old.