Celestial Great Danes

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I love my Great Dane named Sky.  She is the forth generation of my American breeding line. Sky has it all and I am so grateful for her. She loves everyone she meets and has the best temperament.  I have never heard her bark at anyone. She loves and shines for everyone she meets.  She is a very loyal Great Dane always by my side. She has a big block male sized head and is very tall.  She is bigger than most female Great Danes and looks more like a male. Vander Hams Sky is our fourth generation from Angel and Guardian. I am grateful to God for this wonderful line which traces back to the original BMW lines out of NY.

Scan down for a quick story that shows even more history of this line going back to Sky's mom, Heaven, grandma, Cherub and her great grandma, Angel :).  The trail that leads back to my first breeding pair, Guardian and Angel.  I do have current pictures of everyone on my picture album page if you want to see more pictures of Sky and her puppies.

The first picture below is me with three generations. We have Grandma Heaven, my sweet mommy Sky, and grand daughter, Sunshine.

Vander Ham Guardian and VH Angel bred to create, Vander Hams Cherbium the second generation of my line.

Vander Hams Cherub was bred to Meco to create, Vander Hams Heaven the third generation of my line.

Vander Hams Heaven was bred to Haites to create, Vander Ham Sky the forth generation of my line.

Vander Hams Sky was bred with Vander Hams Hollywood Star aka Stud to create the fifth generation of this line... 

Above is a picture of Sky and her mom Heaven.

Below is a picture of Heavens mom, Cherub...

This is Sky's grandma, Cherub pictured above.

Sky's great grandma, Angel is in the two pictures below.

My Angel the start of it all :) Below is her pedigree which is the most color pure line that I have ever seen SOLID harlequins :)

Below is a picture of Great Grandpa and Great Grandma, Guardian and Angel.  My first breeding pair.

Below is Guardians AKC paperword 

Guardians lines go back to the original and famous BMW lines from NY.  I found a lot of pictures of this line in a book called "The Great Dane"

Below is Sky at about six months old with Twilight and Stud.

Here is a picture of Sky with her puppies