Celestial Great Danes

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History of  Vander Ham's ECLIPSE
This line all started with VH Twilight. She has been a loyal and loving family member for many years.Twilight has always been a kind and gentle mother. Twilight produced many amazing Danes through her years of breeding. Eclipse is Twilights daughter, she is the second generation of me breeding this line. Twilight has passed on her gentle spirit of love to Eclipse.  I am so glad to be breeding her daughter Eclipse too now. I have pictures of Eclipse from birth  to current ones of her now on my link to the photo albums.  I also have current videos of her on my Facebook page.  I would like you to really see how thick and big she is by watching the videos. Eclipse is currently my heaviest and thickest Great Dane.  She weighs around 175 when she is not pregnant.  She is much taller than most Euros and is 3"taller than her Euro mom. To improve on the shorter Euro build, I bred Twilight with my tallest sire, Hollywood Star, aka Stud. She got the tall height from her dad and the thick body of her mom.  I am very happy with her conformation. The breeding of thick Euro and tall American lines made a perfect combination.
Eclipse  was called Bordeaux when she was a puppy to fit with the rest of the litter that I named all candy names.  Her name officially became Eclipse when we decided to keep her forever.  Of course I am so grateful I was able to keep her. You can see her and her litter mates in the skateboarding puppy video on YouTube under Skateboarding Dane puppies.  Eclipse is four years old now.  She has raised a litter of her own now.  Her first litter was born Sept. 17, 2014.  We were blessed with ten beautiful puppies! Now she is pregnant with her second litter due around ironically on Labor Day 2015. lol.  I am extra excited because I plan to keep a puppy from this litter. My excuse will be so the line can go on...  I am excited to have three generations from Twilight!  I can't wait to meet them.

Eclipse puppy LIGHTNING born Sept. 4, 2015 at eight weeks old