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Great Dane Puppy Supplies

Puppy Supply List

I think it is important to know the cost of owning a Great Dane before you bring one into your home. You will need all of these items if you plan offer the best home for your Great Dane. So to insure my puppies have the best start.  I ask to see a picture of a few of these items before the puppy leaves my home. I will need you to send me a picture of the bed, canned/dry food, bowls, and a picture of place in your home where the puppy will call his personal safe space or den.  

Start here.

Puppy Proofing

First you must create a safe environment both inside and outside your home for your curious, exploring, and chewing puppy. For the puppy's safety you will need to puppy/proof your house and the yard.  So many things can be a hazard.  When you are prepping the house,  remember that puppies much like human toddlers put everything in their mouth. All items but especially small items can be a choking hazard. Your puppy will also want to smell, chew, and taste every single object they come in contact with. I suggest you remove things like hanging table cloths, drapes, and electrical cords. You should raise up all the breakables and the expensive stuff until the puppy is past the chewing stage. Shoes and toys can not be left out anymore. They are irresistible because they smell like you.  Also these new thin TVs are no match for the whip of a Dane tail or five minutes of zoomies so make sure they are secure. Only you can provide a safe place for your new exploring and chewing puppy.  Do not forget to secure the yard of dangerous objects and deadly plants. Build or fix the fence to keep your dog in your yard. Don't forget they grow fast and will be able to reach or jump higher than you think they can.

Be honest with yourself. Do you have the space for a very large human sized bed in every room of your home?


Great Danes are so big they do not fit on even the biggest dog beds. They need a human sized beds. For our Great Danes we use full size and queen size futon beds meant for humans. My favorite is the old style thick futons that come off the frame.   I do not like or recommend the newer futons that are attached the frame only because they are not comfortable and have wood in the futon pad.

#2 CRATE/DEN From day one it is important to create a safe haven or den for the puppy. They need a safe, dry and clean space both inside your home and outside in the yard.  The space you create should be safe, warm, dry, and dark. 

The same thing goes for feeding and drinking bowls. I think the regular dog bowls are pretty much a waste of money.  They are too easily tipped causing loss of food and carried off all over the yard.  I wasted a lot of dog food when I used regular dog bowls to hold the food and water.  With Great Danes everything is bigger including the mess they can make. So I suggest you buy a crockpot from Walmart for around 20.00   They are non porus for germs and very heavy so they do not tip.  Plus they are easy to clean.  They have handles so you can zip tie them at the height you need. 

Eight week old puppies are similar to the experience of a newborn child in the house.  Sleepless nights and potty training are not fun.  ~ You would not bring home your newborn baby without having a crib, blankets, bottles, and diapers for your baby right?  The same it true for your Great Dane puppy you will need to be stocked up for him or her.  Puppies spend more than half the day sleeping and will need a big, soft, dark, and clean place to lay down. From day one it is important is to create a space/den/bedroom for your Great Dane . They will need a space inside the house and also a place outside that they feel safe, warm, and can nap in. They need a place to fully stretch out, stand completely, and turn around in.  A full grown Great Dane must have a large thick bed you do not want a bed that your dogs legs, elbows, or head must hang off the edge .  The dog beds you find at the pet stores are not thick or big enough for a full grown Great Dane. While sleeping with my Danes, I have personally tried out dog beds and they are not very comfortable or thick enough.  After a few minutes I can feel the hard floor right through the cheap pads they use to build them. My favorite bed for a full grown Dane is a human futon or a regular mattress . I do not like the box spring ones because they can leave stains if they get wet. For your two to three month old puppy you can start with plastic baby mattress. They are easy to clean and bleach if the puppy has an accident during the potty training.  Sometimes they do not like them because they are a bit noisy to fix that add a big layer of blankets. 

Easy transition

So what can you do to help the puppy with the transition into your home? In the beginning surround the puppy with the smell my home then after he is bonded with you then you can add the smell of you to his safe place.. To help with the transition,  I will send home you a blanket and stuffed toys from my house that smells like home, mom, and the litter mates.  This blanket and the toys should be put in the puppies safe space that you create for him or her. Remember to have this all set up before you bring your Great Dane puppy home. The first thing your puppy should learn at your home.  Try this before you ever enter the house.  Make sure the new puppy uses the yard to potty before he enters the house. After step one learning where the bathroom is then he will need to know is where his safe spot is, where his food is, and where the bed is.  If you do not have room in your house for a big futon bed then you do not have room for a Great Dane and should consider a smaller dog. You will also need to make a safe place outside for the puppy.  I  recommend the largest dog house you can find that is insulated from the heat and the cold.  The puppy needs a spot for him outside and inside your home.  When shopping for the food and water bowl try to get the biggest bowls you can find especially for the water, so that the puppy will always have a bowl of food to eat and  water to drink.  Remember we live in earthquake zone so make sure to have extra water in storage. You should get a couple extra large waters bottles for emergency for you and the dogs.

Shopping List

Remember the internet may have lots of advise on these subjects but my advise comes with my phone number and email. Who knows who is running those other sites. In fact it seems like some are run by corporations trying to get you to buy the products they sell. Honestly I will tell you the same thing if you call me or email me. I do not get paid anything for referring these items to you.  Also I do not allow others to list products for sale on my page. Instead I truly believe in the products I suggest on my page and I think they will be helpful in raising and training your Dane. Shopping list starts below.

For more current info join a Great Dane Group

I am always learning new things about this breed. Sadly it seems that we all have a few different views on many GD subjects. So I would also suggest you join a Great Dane group on Facebook or some other large forum so you can get more information from a large group of Great Dane owners.  I enjoy hearing others responses and ideas even though we do not always agree. I have learned so much from other Great Dane owners. Plus, it is a free and a fun way to get more a lot of advise from real Dane owners.  On those forums you can ask what food or products people really use and like for their Danes most already have links you can view with the most asked questions like food...


Never feed your Great Dane puppy regular puppy food. Doing so can cause serious bone, joint, elbow, and hip problems. This will be very painful for your dog and can cause problems the rest of his/her life.


I have experienced that if you feed your Dane puppy, good food, you will have a healthy and happy Dane :)  I "free feed" dry food which  means I ALWAYS have a no tip bowl full of food available to eat. I think this is the key to raising the BIG Great Dane everyone wants. I must insist that you don't ever let the food bowl go empty, at least for the first year. Danes will eat small amounts of the kibble all day long when they are hungry.  We call this grazing like horses or cattle in a pasture do.  My advise is to never put your Great Dane puppy on a diet, never limit their food, and  never measure or go by the amount listed on the bag.  The first year do not worry the puppy over eating to much dry food. In addition to the dry food, you should also feed canned food at least once or twice a day. They should also have a bowl have dry food too. I must say this is the most important thing you can do for your growing Dane, FREE feed him good food and never let the bowl go empty. Remember according to most vets, the best way you can feed a growing Great Dane to grow them slowly, so the muscles can keep up with the faster growing bones. Below I have shared my thoughts on bloat and believe it will not be an issue if you choose to free feed like I recommend you do.

Large breed puppies like great Danes  require a special diet. Your great Dane puppy should only be fed a high quality ADULT DOG FOOD or a GIANT BREED PUPPY FOOD. Do NOT feed your puppy a regular puppy food. Doing so can cause serious bone, joint and hip problems which can be very costly and painful for your dog. These foods have properly balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus, and are lower in fat and protein which allows your puppy to grow at a slower rate, lessening the likelihood that he will develop hip, bone and joint problems. (Don't worry, your dog will still grow to be the same size!)

Dry Dog Food

  I personally like the ingredients in the Kirkland premium dog food at Costco. The first ingredient is meat but it also has rice the right amount of protein, fat, fiber, glucosamine, and omega fatty acids. Great Dane puppy need all this to grow properly. Costcos Kirkland  is the best food that I have found and also has a low price for premium dog food. If you do not have a Costco membership then I recommend that you add the upgraded Costco card to your puppy supply list. Why the upgraded membership and not the cheaper one? The upgraded card will pay you back at the end of every year.  I get a large Costco check at the end of every year, which pays for my yearly membership and I have money left over for whatever I want to use it for. Just this year the check was for 250.oo which paid for the membership charges and also paid for a few bags of food. Costco s dog food is in the top ten of over 150 dogs foods, so you can get the best dry food on the market for half the price of premium dog food elsewhere. Great Dane puppies can eat the Kirkland dog foods but not feed them the puppy brand they sell. The Kirkland brands they sell at Costco have the perfect percent of  everything that a healthy Dane needs to grow them big and strong. Costco Dog Food is on the top ten list for best dog food!  So don't forget this to pick up this food when you are getting your supplies :) I love that the first ingredient is always meat (not a meat by product) along with the other important ingredients too.Outside I have raised bowls for the pack to graze on, I always have HUGE  bowls of dry dog food which the puppies also enjoy when they are playing outside. As with most dry dog food, Danes will eat it up wet or dry, although they prefer it wet. I know this because the bowl that I add water to is the first bowl to go empty.  The only problem I find is when I wet the dry dog food and  if it is not eaten within that day then it will go bad and I will have to throw it out. So for only one Dane if you add water to the dry food make sure not to make up too much because it will start to go bad pretty fast once mixed with water.  Really for the puppy it would be best to not add water to the dry food.  They can use the hard dry food to help with teething and the desire to chew.

 Costco's DRY DOG FOOD Kirkland's Chicken and Rice Premium Dog Food (burgundy bag). When your Dane is full grown should need two bags of food a month which will cost you around $60.00 a month. Males may eat a bit more than two bags a month.  If you want to use a different food just let me know I will give you a bag of what we feed to help with the switch to your brand.  Please make sure meat is listed first and also make sure to check out the rating on the website dog food advisory. 

Wet Canned Food 

I am sad to say that my favorite canned food called Grreat Choice  Chucky Chicken is now going out of business. PetSmart last purchase was 8-2019. It was is my first and favorite choice for the canned dog food.  First ingredient is meat plus everything else done to the correct values.  Yes it is adult dog food but it is the correct ingredients of what the GD puppies all should to be eating. Chicken and brown rice should be the main staple in a dogs diet.  I give my puppies canned chicken every day but also always have a bowl of dry food too.  I suggest one can a day spilt into three different meals. Try 1/3 of the can for breakfast, 1/3 for lunch, and 1/3 for an early dinner.    

  You will need pick up canned food from PetSmart to feed your puppy. It is called GRReat Choice Chucky Chicken. You will need a lot and it is hard to find so make sure to buy it by the case.  If you do not have time to crock pot your own chicken this is the easy way to do it.  This is basically a can of chicken and rice. The large size cans 22 oz are around 1.34 per can full price so that will cost you around 39.00 a month.  To save a lot of  money on canned food you can  purchase the canned food online or when it is on sale for only .90 cents. The first ingredient is chicken and then brown rice. Also I am always willing to pick a few cases of canned food  up for you just let me know so I can add them to my order.   I would recommend one can a day until at least 16 weeks or for life if you love them and can afford it.

 Regarding Petsmart, I have the manager order me at least ten cases at time. They never have enough on hand. If the store you go to does not carry the big 22 oz can then you can have them order it for you. If they are to lazy to do this for you then you can order the chunky chicken from my Lake Elsinore store. Here is the SKU number so you can order them over the phone 7 37257 26124 2. I only get the classic ground, chunky chicken because the other flavors oddly still have chicken as the first ingredient. 

 I recommend half the can of canned food for breakfast and the other half of the can before the afternoon nap or three times a day with 1/3 of the can.  See what works best for you and your puppy. My husband is a bit more thrifty than I am with the canned wet food.  He likes to mix it in with the dry food. This is what he does...In a large bowl, he would mix dry food (chicken and rice ) with hot water, let it soak for around ten minutes. While you are waiting you can open a can of wet food (GRREAT CHOICE from PetSmart) He mixes them both  together and we watch them eat it up :)  After that special treat, the puppy will take a nice long nap :)  This will not work well if you only have one puppy though because it will start to rot before one puppy could finish it. 

Raw Food

Raw is an option but is not for everyone.  I tried it for a short time and loved the results. When I told me vet she said no to raw so I stopped.  If you do it I recommend you follow the instructions from Dr Karen Becker DVM.  It is easy to start with eggs shell and all or a raw uncooked bone.  

 You can also make your own healthy dog food if you have the time. I have a short sample video listed under the video.  Make sure to watch it.  It is so simple to crock pot chicken and brown rice a few time a week.  I  buy chicken when I see it on sale cook half and freeze half.  I pick up chicken breast every month when it goes on sale at Stater Bros and also at Albertsons. The sale priced chicken breast will only cost you less than $2.00 a pound.  Remember to use brown rice because the white rice does not have the nutritional value they need. If you decide to make your own healthy dog food then you might want to add a crock-pot and a rice maker to your puppy supply list. You can also add veggies, pumpkin, and coconut oil to your home made food.  Yogurt is also good for your Dane so he gets the probiotics he needs.

Fruits And Vegetables Dogs Can And Cannot Eat below.

Pumpkin. is good for them and is recommended for both constipation and diarrhea according to DVM Beacker

Coconut Oil. For skin and noses to keep them soft and smelling good.  Also for the brown rice recipe...

Apples. Yes. Apples are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, as well as fiber for your dog. They are low in protein and fat, making them the perfect snack for senior dogs. Just be sure to remove the seeds and core first.

Bananas. Yes. I give Banana treats like banana chips from the bird farm for treats and training puppies.
Great Danes can eat bananas. Actually, many veterinarians even recommend this potassium-rich fruit as a healthy alternative to fatty, salty treats. Benefits? Bananas are high in fiber, which can help if your dog is having gastrointestinal problems, and magnesium, which promotes bone growth and helps the body produce protein and absorb vitamins.

Watermelon. Yes. Everybody loves watermelon, even dogs. But is it safe for them to eat. Yes it is with precautions. Seeds could cause an intestinal blockage, so make sure you remove them. It?s also probably not a good idea to allow a dog to chew on the rind, because it can cause gastrointestinal upset. The fruit itself is a health-food powerhouse, low in calories and packed with nutrients?vitamins A, B6, and C, and potassium.  Watermelon has only about 50 calories a cup and 92 percent water, so it?s great for hydration on a hot day. It also has no fat or cholesterol, so it?s pretty much guilt-free.

Carrots. Yes. Carrots offer Danes a nutritious snack. They are perfect for adding to your Great Dane food. I steam mine with my rice and add it to the puppy food. I even recommend carrots for teething puppies as a way to relieve teething discomfort, and  carrots make cheap and edible chew toys. Chewing on carrots can even help improve your dog?s dental health. More importantly, carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, potassium, and fiber, among other vitamins, all of which play an important role in canine nutrition and eye health.

Broccoli. Yes, broccoli is safe for dogs to eat in very SMALL quantities. It is high in fiber and vitamin C and low in fat. On the surface, this makes it an appealing choice for dog owners looking for a healthy dog treat, but broccoli also contains a potentially harmful ingredient. Broccoli florets contain isothiocyanates, which can cause mild-to-potentially-severe gastric irritation in some dogs.  I add steamed broccoli to my dog food sometimes.

Celery. Yes. In addition to vitamins A, B, and C, this crunchy green snack contains the nutrients needed to promote a healthy heart and even fight cancer. As if that wasn?t enough, celery also known to freshen doggy breath. I add steamed celery to my dog food.  I also give the puppies celery as a chew toy it is good for the growth of the long bones.


NO grape. NO avocado. NO onion. NO cherry. NO mushroom. NO asparagus. NO chocolate. 

Use a food adviser site for the brand you want to feed your dog to check the rating

I do not use this brand at all anymore but I wanted to let you know that it is one of the most recommended by vets. It is Science Diet, it is NOT my  choice for dog food anymore but for some reason all the veterinarians recommend it. Most vets sell Science Diet at the office so maybe that is why they recommend it.   I do not like the fact that the first ingredient is not meat so I no longer agree with them that it is the best  food for a growing Great Dane puppy.  I am afraid they might recommend it just because it is the product they can make money from. I did feed it and recommend it for my Great Danes for a while but not anymore.  If you do choose to buy this brand then you should know the Danes all loved the taste of the lamb and rice one but do NOT like the other flavors we have tried.  This is one of the three foods we once fed the puppies. DRY FOOD Science Diet : LARGE BREED PUPPY. Most veterinarians  would say to feed them Science Diet for the first year of life. 

LARGE DOG BED  the most important supply on the list. I would hope that everyone that reads this will invest in a human FUTON bed for your Dane. I have learned that it is the BEST dog bed I can give them!  Honestly I have over ten futons at my house for my pack.  They are very soft with no box springs you don't even need the frame. I promise it is the only thing large enough for them to sleep comfortably on.  If you don't believe me then you try to sleep one night on regular dog bed it is  NOT ACCEPTABLE! This  is so important to me that,  I will even pick up one up for an extra 20.00; if you let me know ahead of time...  Costco also has the OK small beds for puppies and at an OK price. For an adult Danes, they will NEED a  full size or bigger bed.  For smaller puppies still potty training I have used the plastic baby crib mattresses available at Target/Walmart for around 40.00...  I use a couple blankets over the beds to keep them nice and protected. The beds last longer and stays cleaner this way. I can just wash the blankets.  For My best Training Tip, I keep the small Costco size bed at my side as I move room to room. The puppies can stay at my side and watch me but if they get up off the bed; then it is time to play outside... Money saving tip, find a used futon on craigslist for your dog bed. They are every easy to find and I normally pay about 20.oo for them.  Plus you can take the frame apart and use it for doggy gates. Dog bed and doggy gates for only twenty bucks will save a lot of money!!!

Sheets and Blankets

Large blankets and fitted sheets are the best. I prefer the ones without filling but only because the older dogs  sometime rip the comforters up and pull out the white fluffy stuff inside..  I also found a few waterproof blankets online that work good for young puppy blankets. You should  pick up at least four blankets for your puppy. That way you have two for the bed and two back up while you do laundry. Give your puppy a blanket (that smell like you if possible) to cover the bed with. Remember the puppy will afraid to be alone. Searching and maybe even crying for his pack. My puppies have never been alone before leaving my home. Since birth, the puppies have always been with mom and their litter mates. They have never slept alone, ate alone, or been left alone.  Most dogs prefer to be in a pack and do not like to be alone ever. When you leave them alone just know they will be looking for their family, possibly whining and howling for someone to come save them.  I live in the Cleveland National Forest and we have packs of coyotes that come through the community during the night.  Sometimes a coyote puppy will get separated from the pack.  It is so sad to hear the puppy howling for help, sometimes it take a while but the pack will search until they find the pup.  I always worry my puppy will go to a home where he is alone and I worry he will feel like a lost coyote.  I hope you have someone to keep him company while you are away.  I am most grateful for homes that someone is always home with the Great Dane so they never feel lost or afraid.

Dog gate/Baby gate - These are pretty important in the puppy stage.  It helps to keep the pup in the desired room or to block off the other rooms/stairs as off limits. Also works for crating.  If you use the tip listed above you can really save on the doggy gate!

Dog Food -  You need to buy a large bag of  kibble and soft canned food. Try to stock up on chicken breast and brown rice.  Make sure to have hard boiled eggs this is a good tip will  helps the pup to get it's appetite back after the stress of leaving it's litter-mates. See above instructions to get the right foods for your puppy.

Food and Water Bowls-  Crockpots are my secret to the best dog bowl you can get. 

Elevated feeding stand (optional, but ideal) are on sale at Petco for around 30.00 or a bowl (that wont tip )can help save a lot of money and mess.  You should get your Danes a raised feeding bowl but you can use so many things to get it up off the ground... Be creative with this...  use wagons, benches, tables, chairs, and tree trunks to get your food bowls elevated. The water bowls should hold a large amount of water.  Outside I use big horse waterers and a kid pool too.  Inside I use 4 to 7 quart crock pots for water .  I love that they are to heavy for my Danes to drag off or tip.   I zip tie them at the height I want to the side of the kennel.  Living is Ca I am prepared in the case of earthquake I suggest you have extra water also.  Get a couple of those big Sparkelets bottles of water as a backup for emergencies 

Storage Containers-  I have two big plastic containers for the food storage, I like to take the food out of the bag and put it in them, it helps to keep the food fresh and the critters out.  I also like the metal trash cans with lids, I like to mix my two favorite dog foods together in the can.  Remember you also need to be prepared in case of earthquake so you should have a lot of food on hand. You can find these metal cans or plastic storage containers at places like Home Depot or Lowes or even on ebay or craigslist.

Dog Houses- It is fun to look on Pinterest to get ideas of what I really like. You can find them new, used, and custom built on Craigslist too.  On craigslist I prefer to search for dogs houses using the key words. kids playhouses, instead of dog houses because they are bigger, cuter, and cleaner than the regular doghouses.  I also like  to go on Pinterest and search for  plans to build them new. Some pins have plans so you can build them yourself for so much less than buying them.  On Pinterest  I have pinned my favorites doghouses on one of my boards.I seem to like the two story ones and also ones with little porches.  What you really want to find  is one that is short and wide.  You want them to be wide so they can stretch out but not to tall because the heat rises.  They should be dark and den like.  From watching the puppies I have learned when the are tired out and ready to sleep they crawl under the sofas and tables where they can barely fit to take a nap. They like it dark and with a low roof.   The wire kennels are just not big enough or warm/cool enough so I do not recommend them outside but I do like them inside. I think my Danes favorite den was made out of my old kitchen table with four legs.  I wrapped the legs and I put a blanket over the top and side to make it dark and warm. 

CHEW TOYS  are so critical for a teething puppy.  Chew bones are a must too. I will give you a few toys from my home but make sure you supply them with lots of fun toys and bones too.  I love the ones from the butcher because they last longer than most treats.

Small Hard Plastic Kids Pool- These are a must for summer fun. Easy to find in summer, the ones like you see at Walmart for around 20.00.  Works great for a water bowl, playing in the water, or just cooling down.  Once again these are optional and seasonal but for the price and fun they are more than worth it!BI

Biggest Crate you can buy - For nap time, puppies like to find a dark, closed in, place to sleep.  Dark crates feel like a den help make the puppy feel safe. It will help keep puppy out of trouble when you are not home to watch them.  Also works good to put puppy in for nap times, quiet times, and training purposes.  Be creative... indoors you can use a table for a crate just  wrap a blanket around it and put a bed under it. 

Kennel Even better than a crate is a AKC Kennel that can fit a full size futon because the puppy will quickly outgrow a crate.

Crate cover/Blanket - or a sheet to drape over the crate helps create a den-like feel not to thick...  Also good for the dog beds.  I always send one home with the puppy but know that you will need more.  I like the thick ones without stuffing.

Treats/Clicker - Training tip  for fast learning; it is great for all types of training reinforcements even potty training.  Cost around one dollar at Petco...

 Leashes - I like horse lead ropes, AKC handler leashes, and nylon leashes. Try to find the thick nylon leashes. I like The GRIPP that have the two different handles one low and one at the end built into the same leash.
I also like the really short leashes for walking, that are mostly just a clip and a handle. They work great for our tall breed and keep them close by your side.
If your rich then get a nice long one and also a short handle leather leash.  The best one I have seen is sold at PetCo designed by a Dane owner I think they are called The Grrrip which has a short and long leash in one and a control collar...

Collar & ID tag or Microchip:

Pooper scooper/shovel-  You don't want to forget one of these for yard clean up. Personally I like the horse rakes, they are the best for me, but a flat straight head shovel also works really good.  You might want a special trash can for the poo. So you may need to add a trash can to the list also?

Plastic bags - for cleaning up after your pup while walking about town.

Plastic Gloves- for all occasions.  Cheapest at Granger but also I good deal at Costco

Baby wipes - Can be used for cleaning up accidents indoors. My favorite to use for cleaning out the Danes ears and eyes.

Vinegar  - for neutralizing odors after accidents. It is also good in your laundry :) I use it for washing the dog blankets :)  I have not found any other product that works as good as Vinegar at getting the smell out of things.

Dog bed- second reminder A human FUTON is the best Great Dane bed!  

Old towels, blankets, or sheets for pup's bed -  When your pup is still in the potty training age. I recommend crib mattresses for indoor Dane beds when they are small. Use a crib sheet as a cover, they are easily washed. Also those outdoor mats made to go on patio furniture make good but thin puppy beds.

Grooming Supplies: nail clippers, nail files, puppy shampoo, rubber curry comb, and brush
Tarps are good for under the dog bed, bowls, ect. They work great when you are potty training. Also can be used to cover the top of the kennel

TOYS TOYS TOYS TOYS is the key to a happy Great Dane puppy.


I am sharing my thoughts on bloat since it is a question I get asked all the time.  I believe if you free feed your Great Dane it will eliminate many problems associated with the Great Danes from bloat to food aggression. When given the chance Great Danes are grazers that eat small amounts all day.  I think it is important for them to always have a bowl of dry food available so they may eat when their body wants to eat.  I hate when I hear " How many cups of food do I give them in a day?"  because I want them to have a full bowl of food at all times,  I do not want to hear that you only give them a few cups a day.  Great Danes unlike other dogs will not overeat or gourge on food if you free feed. Unless you only offer food once or twice a day then I have seen them gorge on food and act like they are starved when the eat.  Not free feeding will lead to other bad issues like food aggression and stomach problems.  I believe improper food and not free feeding is the best way to mess up the health and happiness of your Great Dane.  I have raised five generations of Great Danes and never had one dog suffer from bloat or food aggression, that is why I pass this information on to you.

Below  is a site on bloat that may be helpful.  If you go by what they believe then you will never have to worry about it at all since it is not something that runs in the lines. Like I  already mentioned, I do suggest free feeding so the Dane to prevent bloat  since I believe if you free feed your Dane you never has to worry about bloat or about limiting the zoomies after a meal.


Large breed puppies like great Danes  require a special diet. Your great Dane puppy should only be fed a high quality ADULT DOG FOOD or a GIANT BREED PUPPY FOOD. Do NOT feed your puppy a regular puppy food. Doing so can cause serious bone, joint and hip problems which can be very costly and painful for your dog. These foods have properly balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus, and are lower in fat and protein which allows your puppy to grow at a slower rate, lessening the likelihood that he will develop hip, bone and joint problems. (Don?t worry, your dog will still grow to be the same size!) 

Information about spaying or neutering your Great Dane puppy. Please watch this video before you alter your puppy.  You can really mess up a GD by fixing them to early!  This vet did her research!  http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2013/09/30/neutering-health-risks.aspx


Large breed puppies like great Danes  require a special diet. Your Great Dane puppy should only be fed a high quality ADULT DOG FOOD or a GIANT BREED PUPPY FOOD ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!