Celestial Great Danes

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Home, Delivery, and Flight Information 

Of course, I would prefer you come  here and meet our Great Dane pack at our small ranch in sunny Southern California. I know that is not always possible so if you can not make it to us then I will try to come to you. We are located 1 1/2 hours from Disneyland and about the same distance to N San Diego. We are between the 5 freeway in OC and the 15 freeway in Lake Elsinore, Ca.  We are not easy to find in the mountains. We are blessed with a beautiful drive through the Cleveland National Forest to our home. You will have to endure the 74 Ortega Hwy which is a very windy two way road. In return you will enjoy the breathtaking views while you overlook the whole mountain range, city, and lake.  Don't forget to bring your camera because if you are like me you then will want to stop and take pictures of the view!  My pictures can't show how amazing, sweet, and loving the Great Danes are. If possible I would like you to see them and meet them in person. 

This delivery option may not always be available.   I will try to work something out so send me an email or call to see if I can deliver a puppy to your home.

If you can not make it to me then I can drive a puppy to you. After being grounded at home for eight weeks (caring for the puppies) I am normally ready to get out of the house. I enjoy a road trips now and then... I have a commercial drivers license aka CDL. I drove a school bus, a tour bus, and a commercial truck. I  have been to many states and even to Canada on my OTR trips.  I loved my last driving job for the Air Force at MARB. I drove the 336 crew and 729th crew and took care of the flight line  C-17  and KC 135. I miss the crew the most.  I just say I enjoy a good road trip as an option before placing my puppies on a plane. So I do personally deliver puppies to ALL of CA and even the surrounding states.  I have even driven a puppy as far as CO.  Most of the time my time driving is at no charge to you but you must pay for the gas (round trip) and a hotel if the drive will be more than ten hours a day... The puppies will enjoy the ride. They do a lot of sleeping on long trips.  The car ride will not scare, hurt, or traumatize them. I think that this is the best option for the puppy.  

Charges for shipping are additional. 

First you will need to order a LARGE crate and have it shipped to my house.  I want the puppy to have at least a week to get used to it before the flight.  Shop online for the best  o crates and get free shipping on Ebay.

Second additional charge for shipping a puppy is the airline certificate you have to purchase a few days before the flight. Charges  will include paying for the vet visit and the airline certificate. Plan on around 70.00 for that.

Third additional shipping charge is the round trip gas to the airport and the vet trip.  Remember to add about 100.00 to the cost to cover both trips.

I will deliver puppies to LAX and ONT airports in CA.

 Puppies come COD on shipping and you must pay the airlines directly.  For more information contact the airlines directly.  Puppy must be paid in full before he or she is loaded on the plane.  

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines
Continental Airlines
Delta Airlines
United Airlines


Before placing a puppy on a plane. I must first purchased a  health certificate from a vet in the new owners name required by the airlines rules.  This certificate will cost about 80.00 and must be paid for in full at least one week before shipping puppy.

Puppy must be paid in full it is delivered to the airport.  New owner must arrange all the shipping and pay any shipping costs .


  References available on request...

Call me for more info on this or with any questions you have Celeste Vander Ham 951 678-9854