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Male Mantle


I have one sweet male and handsome Great Dane puppy searching for a loving indoor home. More information to coming soon. I am looking for a loving pet home for him. He is a very sweet and smart puppy. He is loving and playful. He is adorable. He is my only boy. He is so cute. He has a cute face set apart evenly by his white blaze that connects to his collar in the back of his neck.. He has a nice amount black around both his eyes. He is really a merle/ mantle. Here is why he is not just called a merle his color markings also include the white points like a the mantles have. He has all the same white white points as a show marked mantle. The puppies get the good white points and full collar from their daddy, Solar... This boy has four white feet, white on his chest and belly, and white on the tip of his tail. He has the white mantle blaze and a big white muzzle on his face. He has a even collar on the back on his neck As with all my puppies I am just looking for pet homes, no breeding homes. I only place my puppies in pet homes with limited AKC papers. By law the puppies will not be allowed to leave my home before eight weeks old. This is in the best interest of the puppy. They learn so much from mom during that time and should never leave her care or her litter mates until eight weeks. At eight weeks they must start bonding with the new home so to give them the best opportunity each puppy must be picked up before they turn nine weeks old. Before they leave my home each puppy will have had two shots and will have been wormed three times. At six weeks old I will take them to my vet in Riverside, Dr Butchko for a full check up and the first shot/wormer. I do the eight week shot at home and I provide a shot record that you can bring to your vet. The shots are part of a series and it will be your responsibility to finish them. The puppy will need two more shots and a rabies before he is safe to go to dog parks. I start potty training very early. They are so smart that even that young they attempt to come off the bed to go at around three weeks old or when mom stops taking care of that job. All I need to do is make sure they have paper at the edge of the bed and they paper train pretty easy. I will feed them good food and make them fresh chicken, rice, eggs, and steam veggies. They will also have canned chicken from PetSmart and premium dry food from Costco. I due a fecal at around seven weeks sent out to a lab before they go to their new home. We try to love and handle them daily so they will be used to human contact. This is where you can be the most help by visiting them and allowing them to get to know you and your scent. It is very good for them to be exposed to kids and being held at this age. We have play dates on most Saturdays so you can come play with the puppies and help me socialize them. We would love for you to bring your kids and family members to help with socializing them. I am constantly washing their bedding, changing the newspaper, and cleaning the food and water bowls. I bathe them at least once a week sometimes more than that if needed . He is raised inside home in my living room until eight weeks with me and my family. After the first shots at six weeks then they are allowed to go outside to play, explore, and spend more time outside. We have already started potty training outside. He is doing really good and is very fast. This boy will lay in my arms like a baby for a good long time. He is also very outgoing no fear or shyness at all. I think he is an alpha but a love also.

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