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Wait list 2018


The plan is to breed Sunshine from Sky and Light in the future to continue the fifth generation of this line. Sky is my pride and joy. She is from my first pair of Danes, Guardian and Ange. She will be brought our fifth generation into the world. My hope is to keep one of the puppies from a litter to forever continue this wonderful line. Sky is a very impressive female. She has a perfect loving attitude and loves every single person she has ever met. Sky has the best head of all my Danes it is large and blocky like a perfect American male head. She has a bit more lip than most of the other American Danes. She is taller than the rest of my females. She is a perfect standard of the breed. She is from American lines out of NY. Skys papers are impressive and even date back to a hardback book about Great Danes. This is the line I started with many years ago, this next litter will be the fifth generation I have raised from Skys line. I know the most about this line and it has produced many healthy puppies over the last 18 years. Second planned litter for 2019 is Sunshine from Sky bred to our German import Thunder. Sunshine is Solar and Skys puppy we kept to make sure to continue this wonderful line. Sunshine will be five years old . She has never had a litter before. This year 2019 we hope and pray for Sunshines first litter ever. We shipped in a Euro from Germany to be her sire and our future stud. We named him Thunder. He is amazing and I am excited to see what his puppies will be like. He is European and has the long lips and huge head. I am glad he has good eyes which is hard to find when you are searching for Euro Great Dane. Our current sire, Solar, is a very kind and gentle. He is a show marked mantle. Solar is the father to many sweet and beautifully marked puppies. He is our current sire aka daddy for Eclipse and Skys puppies. The last litter of the year is normally born in Dec to Solar and Eclipse. Eclipse is my thickest and heaviest Great Dane. She weighs around 180. She is a kind and loving Great Dane. She is quite and calm. She passes this demeanor on to her puppies. Her litter is the last of the year normally arriving in late Dec. We still have her mother Twilight here. Twilight is 9 1/2 years old and grandma still passes on her wisdom and love to her daughter Eclipse and her puppies also. I have at least one thousand pictures on this website of puppies and siblings. You can get an idea of what we are excepting from each pair. I also videos on this site and on my Facebook page so you can see the size and temperament of my Great Danes. I highly recommend you read through my puppy supply list so you will be better prepared for your new puppy. The list will also let you know the costs involved for a Great Dane puppy. Plan on spending 100.00 a month just to feed your Great Dane. You will need other supplies and there are a lot of expenses for this size dog. If you can not afford to spend at least 100.00 a month on food I would recommend a smaller dog with a smaller food bill. The puppies are raised completely indoors for first six weeks. I raise them in a clean loving home. I stay up with them 24 hours a day for the first week to make sure they are not smothered. Each week we have new training, food, and touch we introduce the puppies too. I am always picking up after them. I do loads of laundry every day so they will have clean bedding . They go the my vet at six weeks old for a puppy well check. On that first visit they get a shot and wormed. When they leave my home they will be up to date with all shots. By eight weeks they will have two shots but still need to finish the series which you must continue to keep them healthy. They will also be wormed and vet checked before they leave my home. I do not automatically remove dew claws anymore after doing a study and seeing how they use them but will have it done at three days old if you request it ahead of time (when you join the wait list ). Once you decide to open your home to one of my puppies, the next step is to email me to be placed on the waiting list for one of these wonderful puppies. Just send me an email to vanderham21@msn.com if you would like to be on the wait list for a future litter. When you email me to be on the waiting list, I will need to know the sex and color of the puppy you are looking for also the mother you prefer. No money involved until the puppy is two weeks old. Puppies prices will be starting at 1500.00 for pet marked mantle or black puppies. The prices go something like this 1500.00 for pet quality mantles to 1700.00 for show mantles with full collars. Merle or merle/mantle puppies are normally around 1600. and up tp 1900.00 for a merle/mantle with all the perfect white mantle points. Harlequins are normally around 2600.00 but could go up to 3000.00 based on size and markings. How do I decide prices... it depends on the color, size, and markings of each individual puppy which is based on AKC color standards for the breed. I would suggest everyone review the standards before purchasing a puppy. You can find the list for standards for the breed on the American Kennel Club website. I am not a backyard breeder and I do not have cheap puppies. I do not like the term breeder but prefer the name puppy nanny. The first and last week are the hardest. Week one we are in the most critical stage of life where the puppies are not left alone for any amount of time. We pull a 24 hour shift so the puppies do not get smothered by the 160 pound mother. We all struggle with the graveyard shift as it is not an easy shift and I wonder every time how my father did that all his life. Normally if the puppies survive the first week the hardest and scariest part it over. The last week is also crazy. We counted 23 poops in a 30 minute period. We are full time feeding, washing, and cleaning. For those that think I am making a fortune raising these puppies lets do the math. That turns out to be about 2 dollars an hour for the eight week. Which goes not include the cost to feed them healthy home made food or the cost of the vet/ wormers bills or the cost of the laundry supplies and propane to dry all the bedding. The $2 an hour does not include the cost for to feed and care for the adults all years long or any of the cost for health testing. Let consider my lost wages for my CDL driving job or photography jobs ranging where I make close to 25.00 and hour. Being the puppy nanny is a wonderful job although it does not pay a living wage it does cover the cost to keep my Dane pack healthy and well taken care of. I hope you can see I do this for the love of my Great Danes and to produce healthy puppies. I attempt to do everything above and beyond what is required. Yes I might a able make a profit if I breed them back to back or if raised them outside in the dirt where I did not have to constantly clean the bedding or attempt to keep them clean , or maybe if I feed them crap dry food and did not feed them anything healthy or home made, or if I sent them home at six week before the hardest part of the training/pooping began but I do not raise them that way. If I raised them like most backyard breeders then I might be able to offer lower prices. I am 24/7 the puppy nanny, I feel like a run a nursery without the help of diapers. I have not had one day go by while I am raising puppies that I do not have poop on my hands, the bedding, the washing machine, and the floor. It is not as easy as it appears to be, some tend to think it is all puppy love and kisses, but it is mostly puppy poop that keeps me busy. So this is how the wait list works. I email everyone when the puppies are born. If you fall in love with one of them then, I put a hold on that puppy until two weeks. At three weeks, I want you to come and meet the puppies and parents before you make the final decision. If I have one you love then at that time I will take a 500.00 deposit to continue to hold that puppy for you. I rarely take deposit money before two weeks old. I always try to update pictures every week and send puppy updates. That way you can see how much the puppies grow each week and share the pictures with family and friends. After three weeks old, I open houses so you can come visit, play, socialize, and bond with your puppy. I only place my puppies in loving pet homes. I do not offer full registration for breeding. We normally set up puppy play dates on the weekends but make exceptions for out of state visitors. My prices are from 2K to 3K depending on size and color mak of the puppy. I offer delivery for those who are interested but it is an additional fee depending on the location.

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