Celestial Great Danes

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Celestial Great Danes


   Welcome to my wonderful Great Dane world located in Southern California.. I have been very blessed with my human and Great Dane family.  I  believe each one is a gift from God sent straight from Heaven and made special for each family. Everyone thinks that they have the best Great Dane and none of them are wrong because they are all amazing. Dogs offer us unconditional love.  Dogs can improve our daily life. Dogs teach our families to love, care, and share. I try to share the joy and love they bring my home through my pictures and videos.  To make you all  smile I have loaded this website and others with thousands of cute Great Dane pictures.

If you are considering a Great Dane for your family then you should take the time to read the puppy supply list. As a Great Dane breeder in CA, I prefer to call myself the puppy nanny instead.  I am just here 24 hours a day to care for them and meet their every need.  Everyday starts and ends with out AKC Great Danes. I am searching for loving indoor pet homes.  I need families that are willing to care for one of my fur babies for his or her entire life. If you want to open your home to one of my Great Dane puppies. To get first choice at the little angels then just email  me so I can put you on the wait list for a future litter. I will need to know the color and sex of the puppy you are dreaming of. Please note I only place my puppies in pet homes with limited AKC papers.

 This site also has information so you can see on my AKC pedigrees,  the OFA testing,  and a history of the lines.  I have the history of the lines for five generations in the albums and on the pedigree page. If you are adding a Great Dane for your family make sure to read the puppy supply list which will give you an idea of the cost of owning a Great Dane and the things you will need to supply the your Great Dane with. 

 If you enjoyed the site then you should also like my Facebook page. For more fun with Great Dane puppies check out my skateboarding Dane puppy videos on YouTube.com.  I want to send out a thank you to all of you that like and share my videos. You are also welcome share my pictures on Facebook and pin away on Pinterest. 

I am glad you found my webpage for whatever reason. I hope it was helpful and that it also made you smile.  Please don't miss the of cute puppy pictures of the most incredible dogs in the world, the Great Dane! I offer pet photography for those that are interested just send me an email.

 We are located in sunny Southern California.  I am a Great Dane Breeder with over 16 years experience.  I got my first Great Dane in 1991 a brindle we named Blue.  I fell in love with the breed and knew I always wanted to have them by my side.   I prefer being called the puppy nanny instead of a breeder because that is my job raising these puppies and giving them all that the need. I do my best raise each puppy and to do everything right!   

A special "thank you" to my daughter Brittany for starting this webpage for me in 2006.

Celestial Great Danes