Celestial Great Danes

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Vander Hams' Danes Fourth Generation

Vander Hams' Night from VH Heaven

from her birth to now...

Presenting Haites and Heaven first litter

Vander Hams Night  our 4th Generation

OFA papers at bottom of page...


Now she is three weeks old and she is so cute.

Night is growing fast and is already five weeks old in this picture.

She has a perfect solid dark black coat with no mismarked white spots. She has short stockings of white on all four feet, a white chest, and a white tip on her tail.



Below is a picture of Night with her mom Heaven  TO see more pictures of Night or her puppies see my history in pictures




CLEAN / CLEAR OFA testing for Vander Hams Night is below...The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals has cleared  her hip dysplasia as Normal and a Good rating on her elbows, too!!!!

A few years ago, we breed Vander Hams' Night to Golliath (my long time friend, Lori's euro great Dane) Lori and I met many years ago when she bought her first Dane (Gracie) from me...  Below is a picture of Lori, Gracie and Golliath in her HB home.  Lori and I would have never meet if I did not raise Danes.  I have met many wonderful people like her now because of the puppies and for that I am very grateful. I have such a wonderful Dane family and facebook Dane friends too.  Thank you Lord, I have truly been blessed!!!





Just for fun below are pictures of nights litter mates from many years ago...

Skys' newborn picture

Sky is so cute at three weeks old.


Sky was is so cute. She was only five weeks old in this picture. 



Venus is three weeks old

Venus is five weeks old.  She is my sons favorite puppy.  She has a great personality.

Venus is SOLD!


Plutos' newborn picture


                                                  Pluto is three weeks old

                                   PLUTO IS SOLD. His new name is Paul.

                                       Paul is five weeks old in this picture.


 Mercurys' newborn picture


Wow what a difference his blaze has really thined out .

Mercury is three weeks old now.

Five weeks old

Mercury is SOLD





Neptune is three weeks old


Neptune is so sweet at five weeks old.




Jupiters' newborn picture


Jupiter is three weeks old today


Jupiter is five weeks old so cute.


"Stars' newborn picture"


Show Marked STAR at three weeks old.


Star is five weeks old now.  She looks like she will have one blue eye and one brown.

Star is sold.  I'm sad but she went to a great home.


"Mars" newborn picture


Mars is three weeks old


Mars is five weeks old in this picture. Look at those clean and sharp toenails