Celestial Great Danes

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Here is my brief history of how I got the lines that I have available today...

To show you the history of the lines of VanderHams Sky, Captian, and Sunshine.  I will need to go back to the first pair started with years ago.

Lets go back to my first generation of this line...  My first two breeding Danes, VanderHams Guardian and VanderHams Angel.They were the start of it all for my family and I.  First, I found my Angel from a show ring lady, named Shirley Brown. Angels papers were color pure, perfect, solid harlequin lines, she was the only mantle and the rest of the litter were harlequins. Then my husband picked out our male stud, VanderHams Guardian from a OC breeder named, Debbie Allan.  I have the AKC paperwork for all my Danes posted on this website. These two Great Danes were my first generation breeding pair and they blessed me with so many beautiful babies. Guardian and Angel blessed me with a puppy we kept and named Vander Hams Cherubium aka Cherub. She was born on Valentines Day and became our second generation.  We only bred her one time and kept her puppy. We named her puppy, Heaven.  She is our third generation of breeding this wonderful line. Heaven is still with us and is almost nine years old now. She has beautiful blue eyes and has a clean white coat.  Heaven and Haites bred to make our fourth generation Sky.  We have Skys puppy Sunshine so we are blessed with three generations of the line right now.  

Our Dam VanderHams' Heaven

Our 3rd Generation newborn pictures below


Our special little girl was a blessing from above! Heaven was born from a breeding of our second generation, VH Cherubium  and Meco. Her mother aka Cherub also a blessing from above was born on Valentines Day 2004.  She had her first litter at three years old.  The picture below is of her first beautiful litter. We lost a lot of her puppies before I ended up in an ER vet, because of complications we were forced to have a cesarean and for safety we spayed her.  We knew it was our only chance to keep one of her puppies to continue the line. So we picked the most beautiful puppy in the litter and named her Heaven.  Now  we will have six Great Danes, all three generations still very healthy and living with us.  Below is a picture of the litter and Heavens' newborn baby picture.




Can you find Heaven in the pail of puppies below?



Cherub and her baby Heaven, the future generation of Vander Hams' Danes.  Heavens litter is due July 23, 2011


Here is a few pictures of Heaven at  four and six months old.  Check them out below.



This is Heaven at six months old.  The future looks bright.


















This is our pick of the litter and my favorite pup. We call her Vander Hams Heaven.