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Wait list 2017


I plan to breed Sky, Eclipse, and Sunshine each one time this year 2017. This will be Sunshines first litter ever and we are still searching for a sire for her. The current sire is a very kind and gentle show marked mantle named Solar. Solar is the father to many sweet and beautifully marked puppies. We use him for stud with Eclipse and Sky. The dam, Eclipse is my thickest and heaviest Great Dane. She weighs around 180. I have at least one thousand pictures on this website of puppies and siblings. You can get an idea of what we are excepting from this pair. I also videos on my Facebook page so you can see the size and temperament of my Great Danes. I highly recommend you read through my puppy supply list so you will be better prepared for your new puppy. The list will also let you know the costs involved for a Great Dane puppy. The puppies are raised indoors for first five weeks. I raise them in a clean loving home. I stay up with them 24 hours a day for the first week to make sure they are not lost. Each week we have new training we introduce. I am always picking up after them. I do many loads of laundry every day so they will have clean bedding . They will be current on all shots by eight weeks they will have two shots but still need to finish the series. They will also be wormed and vet checked before they leave my home. I do not automatically remove dew claws anymore but will have it done at three days old if you request it ahead of time. You can email me to be placed on the waiting list for one of these wonderful puppies. Just send me an email to [email protected] if you would like to be on the wait list for a future litter. When you email me to be on the waiting list, I will need to know the sex and color of the puppy you are looking for. No money involved until the puppy is two weeks old. . Puppies prices will be starting at 1200.00 for pet marked puppies. The prices go something like this 1200.00 for pet quality mantles to 1600.00 for show mantles with full collars. Merle puppies will be 1500.00 for a merle with all the perfect white mantle points. Harlequins are normally 2500.00 but could go up to 3000.00 based on size and markings. How do I decide prices... it depends on the color, size, and markings of each individual puppy but I base it all on AKC color standards for the breed. I would suggest everyone review the standards before purchasing a puppy. You can find the list for standards for the breed on the American Kennel Club website.So this is how the wait list works. I email everyone when the puppies are born. If you fall in love with one of them then, I put a hold on that puppy until two weeks. At three weeks, I want you to come and meet the puppies and parents before you make the final decision. If I have one you love then at that time I will take a 300.00 deposit to continue to hold that puppy for you. I do not take deposit money before three weeks old. I always try to update pictures every week and send puppy updates. That way you can see how much the puppies grow each week and share the pictures with family and friends. After three weeks old, I also have open houses so you can come visit, play, and bond with your puppy. I only place my puppies in loving pet homes. I do not offer full registration for breeding.

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