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#8 Male Mantle


Born on National Puppy Day 3/23/17 at 7:20 am. This is the male mantle with the most white. His markings are most like his dad, Solar. He has a thick white blaze and full white collar. He has all his mantle white points. He has four white feet, white on his chest, and white on the tip of his tail. He has one patch of white on his black coat that he should not have to be show marked according to AKC standards. I am hoping that the white patch on his back goes away so he can be perfectly show marked. Although AKC will not let me use two different birthdays for a litter so I will be using the birthday 3/23/17 for the paperwork since the majority of puppies were actually born on that date including this boy. Solar and Sky were blessed with eleven puppies, four girls and six boys. I am only placing the puppies on hold for now. Deposit are due at three weeks old. The puppies will remain on this site on hold until then after I receive the deposit I will remove them from this page... No breeding homes, I only place my puppies in pet homes with limited AKC papers. They will turn eight weeks old on May 17, 2017. At that age they will have had two shots and been wormed three times. At six weeks old I will take them to my vet for a check up and the first shot. I will start potty training at around three weeks old or when mom stops taking care of that job. I make them fresh rice, eggs, and steam veggies daily. They will have canned chicken from Petsmart and premium dry food from Costco. I due a fecal at around seven weeks before they go to their new home. I attempt to update pictures weekly. We have play dates on Sat so you can come play with the puppies and help me socialize them. We would love for you to bring your kids and family members to help with socializing them. I am constantly washing their bedding and cleaning the bowl. I bathe them at least once a week sometimes more than that. They are raised inside in my living room until six weeks and then they are allowed to go outside to play, explore, and potty train.

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